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Sinantissi, Traditional café Featured

Chorio, Kimolos - Cyclades, Greece, 84004
+30 22870 51801
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A new – old store, with fresh ideas and a taste of old times…
“Sinantissi” (“Meeting”) is based in a beautiful, stone building, next to St. George's church (17th century)which first operated as a café, from the present owners’ great-grandfather. Maybe this is what connects the two periods, through bonds of quality and convenience, and especially through the same Greek coffee (made using the traditional technique and served with a glass of cold water and “loukoumi”).

“Sinantissi“ has a beautiful salon and an even more beautiful terrace,
where you can have:

  • Coffee(Greek, instant, espresso, cappuccino,etc.), tea, chocolate.
  • Toasted sandwiches.
  • A game of backgammon with friends, drinking tsipouro or ouzo and enjoying handmade rusks, octopus and shrimps.
  • “Rakomelo” (raki with honey)
  • A glass of cold beer or wine with homemade savory snacks (“mezes”), including “Xyno” cheese, piroski or homemade cheese pies.
  • And of course, don’t forget our freshly baked sweets
    (try a different one, every day) and ice creams.

This is the true feeling of a traditional Greek café, a feeling served by “Sinantissi” for many years, through the promotion of local tastes and Greek hospitality.
As part of this hospitality, you can also connect to our free WiFi and even use the store’s PC, if you don’t have one.

“Synantissi” is open from 9.00am to midnight (and sometimes, even more!), every day

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